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Welcome to E G Lab Emteem Gem Laboratory Sri Lanka’s leading Gem Lab situated in Paththe Gem trading floor, Chinafort, Beruwala.

E G Lab was founded in year 2003 at a time there were only  four or five gem buying offices available in this international gem trading floor whereas at present about 150 gem buying offices are functioning in this same area.

Since we are one of the  pioneers in establishing Gem Laboratories at Beruwala our establishment E G Lab is held in high esteem being a much popular gem testing laboratory.

We feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction to note that our gem laboratory achieved tremendous success within a few years of its existence. In addition, E G Lab is highly recognized not only in Asia but also in other parts of the world.


Our performance is mainly based on trust , truth and accuracy. We always endeavor to provide the  most correct analytical reports and results so that our findings can not be repudiated by any other gem laboratory.

Our aim is not to satisfy any clients by hook or by crook by providing any data that is contrary to our findings in keeping with our motto “ Trust , Truth and Accuracy “

So it’s our priority to safeguard the trust clients have on us. We are committed to this, issue unbiased fair report independently best of our ability.

Our specialty

We are specialized to issue any reports for colored stones such as Ruby and Sapphire to Spinel, Alexandrite Chrysoberyl, Tsavorite etc. Nevertheless E G Lab considered one of the few labs in the world as expert in heat treatments detection of Ruby and Sapphires including low temperature heat treatment.

Our services

Detailed report

Our detailed report consists details of particular stone, photograph of the stone , testing results and opinion of treatment if any present or not


Origin report

Upon request we give an professional opinion of country of origin of a unheated Ruby or sapphire.


Express services

When compare Gem labs surrounding E G Lab, E G Lab took more time to issue a report. This has been a only complaint made against us recent past. So, our clientele convenience we have started two type of EXPRESS services to issue reports quickly to fulfill their immediate requirements. (More)

Color grading

Traditionally generation by generation in colored stones trading stone’s color and clarity grading  done by dealers themselves when they buy and selling. A new trend gradually became a unwritten law recent past that laboratories should grade the color rather clarity for a business to happen. (More)

Our Mission

To serve the Gem and Jewellery industry fairly following ethical practices transparently and independently.




World Recognized Certification


Highly Qualified Staff working according to International Standards

High Tech Infrastructure 

We are equipped with state of the art machinery and equipment to get precise data

Backed by

M T M Haris, FGA – CEO of Emteem Gem Laboratory,stepped into the Gemological field at an early age.


Visit our laboratory go get pricing which suiting the priority and testing type

Frequently asked questions

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Our clients say

A Genuine Gemologist in China fort International Gem Market , irreproachable , upstanding and sincere in service and character”

Dr. Ahzar Zawahir
CEO- Beauty Gems

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EGL-professional, focused, worthy of the trust of the world’s jewelry friends. –
Li Xin, Jewelry Li Simin


We have full confidence in the quality of the gems we intend to buy, and all this is because of the services provided by EGLab
Thank you EGLab for the help you have given us.

Mr. L Jackson