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​M T M Haris, FGA – CEO of Emteem Gem Laboratory,stepped into the Gemmological field at an early age. He started out in 1989 as a small time gem merchant in ‘Paththe’ gem trading floor Chinafort. Whilst gem trading he also realized he would benefit from studying further and applied to study Gemmology at the University of Moratuwa. M T M Haris completed the two yearCertificate course in Gemmology and graduated in 1992. During this period he also completed a six months course in Lapidary that taught him the art of cutting and polishing and explored the details of carvings and engravings. Immediately after his course he was in charge and managing a lapidary factory consisting of more than 125 cutters cutting calibrated gems for the export market. It was during this time that he learned the art of heat treatment.

His experience with the Gem laboratory of Zam Gems (Pvt) Ltd., a multi national company, gave him the much needed exposure and experience a gem tester needs. The support and encouragement of a great man & philanthropist Mr ZAM Rifai (the Chairman of the ZamGroup), enabled M T M Haris to pursue the ultimate Gemmological qualification offered by The Gemmological Association of Great Britain. He became a Fellow (FGA) of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain after passing the Diploma in Gemmology, which is the most respected and revered qualification worldwide. He has also been a Member of the Gemmologist Association of Sri Lanka since 1992, an Alumni member of the Gemological Institute of America(GIA) since 1999 and a founder member of the Gemmologist Association of the University of Moratuwa.

In 2003 he started Emteem Gem Laboratory in ‘Paththe'(Beruwala), which is one of the three great gem hubs of Sri Lanka. M T M Haris is one of the most respected experts in the world for detecting low temperatures heat treatment in rubies and sapphires and is continually updating and enhancing his knowledgeby participating in conferences and seminars held globally, such as:
Gem-A Conference 1998 in London, Gemmological Research Conference and 4th GIA Symposium 2006 in San Diego, Accredited Gemmologist Association’s (AGA) 2013 conference in Tucson, AGIL conference in Hong Kong 2014 Seminars conducted by GIA, GRS, GIT and Gublin Academy in Hong Kong 2012, 2013 and 2014 are few to name.


His experience working in collaboration with a European Laboratory gave him the opportunity to work with the worlds most advanced scientific gemmological instruments such as LIBS, FTIR and UV VIS NIR. He has gained on field experience by visiting local and international mining locations. Visits to the mines such as, the Winza mine in Tanzania, mines in Mozambique, Kenya and Madagascar, have helped him find specimens where he has conducted further research. His well established connections with experts, in the calibre of Dr Adolf Peretti of GRS, Mr Richard W Hughes of Lotus gemmology, Antoinette Matlins of AGA, Mr Thanong Leelawafanasuk of GIT, Dr DietmarSchwarz of AIGS, Mr Didier Albert of Reunion gem lab and Dr Laurent Massi, are a great source of knowledge and enable him to seek advice to solve problems instantly.